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Come join the Party! Let us acclimate your dog into our wonderful daycare pack. Socialization, exercise, fun, and lots of friends in a controlled safe environment. Your dog will not want to leave. 


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We love dogs and are able to get most breeds and personalities accustomed to our pack.

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Kathy has taken care of my German Shepherd, Tipp since he was 7 weeks old and now he is over 2 years old! Where do I begin? First, she watched him when he was only 7 weeks and I was in dyer need of a sitter because I had to go on a trip I couldn’t miss. I got turned down by other places but she took him right away and even went the extra mile with him since he was still such a puppy! Such a blessing and I’ve always been able to count on Kathy. Kathy is so dedicated to the needs of each individual dog. She has been so great training my dog and making him be social with other dogs. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be able to go to dog parks and he wouldn’t be able to come with me everywhere like he does now due to the common stigma of GSD’s. He jumps for joy when he sees her and pays absolutely no attention to me leaving. I know when he’s in her care, he’s safe and I feel safe and at ease knowing he will be the same as when I left him!
Sarah & Tipp

We have worked with Kathy for the last two years and couldn’t be happier and more honored to have our dog in her care. Kathy is a natural and acclimated our new puppy into the doggy day care environment seamlessly. Our connection with Kathy has been significantly different than our past experiences with doggy care. We have had a personal connection with her from the start. I have never felt more at ease leaving my baby in her care. Being an alpha in the pack is paramount in the canine world and Kathy is a natural. She has studied and understands the pack mentality which couldn’t be more important in the doggy daycare setting. The dogs pick up on this quickly and follow her as the pack leader which is very comforting. I respect Kathy’s love and pride in her work it really shines through, treating all of the dogs as her own. Being selective and thorough in her application process is the key to a happy and successful pack. I feel lucky that our dog (Dash) has been lucky enough to have her in his life! Kathy is the only woman we have felt comfortable enough to leave our dog with regularly. And we have referred at least 5 other dogs to her and all have been floored with their experiences. Kathy thank you for being you and doing what you do so well.

Brett, Ashlee, Dash and Camryn Siebert, Naperville

Kathy is one of the most kind and loving people I have seen around! She was phenomenal getting my  super skittish dog to warm up to her and made her feel comfortable in seconds. She has so much knowledge about animal behavior and wins over every single dog that comes close to her. I trust her blindly with my dog. She runs the doggie daycare with the outmost professionalism and is a wonderful manager.

Veronica Silva & Georgina, Naperville

My wife and I searched for a good place for our puppy. We wanted a place that played with our pup during the day, was an extension of us while at daycare and above all wanted to be with our dog each day.  Kathy was everything we looked for and more.  Kathy is loving, friendly and excited to work with “the pack” each day.  For us Kathy was the first person we saw each day when we dropped off our dog and Kathy always greeted with a smile and good interaction. Our precious “baby” will always be in the care of Kathy when needed.

Chris and Marianne Schiefer-Cannoli, Naperville

While residing in Plainfield, we placed our two shih-tzus in the care of Kathy Lee. Both of them enjoyed staying with her, and it was obvious that she has a great love for dogs. We were sad when we moved, and lost such a great dog sitter, and friend!  Anyone who leaves their dogs with Kathy and Marcin can be assured they will receive great love and care.

Janet and Gary Shumaker, Plainfield

Stormy is our doggie daughter and also Jim’s service animal. Both of us work full time jobs. When our niece or nephew can’t watch her, we take her to daycare.  When I drive her in the mornings, she cries with excitement. Probably could even drive herself, but she’s only 2 1/2. She doesn’t cry like that anywhere we go. Jim and I both know when she is there, she’s in great hands. Kathy and her crew take amazing care of not just Stormy but of all the dogs. Jim will text me with a short report that she was very good. Kathy posts videos of all of her “Puppy’s” everyday. You can see the care and love she has for each and every one. She knows all of their names. They come up to her wanting to be petted as they wag their happy tails. Both Jim and I are loyal clients of Kathy’s, where she goes, we will go! Its that simple! Thanks Kathy and crew for playing and keeping tabs on our girl! Love.

Jim & Kristi, Naperville

Kathy has been taking care of our dogs since they were a couple of months old. Kathy has excellent communication and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of all dogs in her care. I look forward to Kathy caring for our dogs for many years to come.

Amy Nicholas - Lily & Piper, Naperville


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